Jim Kociuba, Artist

Jim Kociuba





Jim Kociuba is a New England artist who has always been inspired to paint his natural surroundings. Jim’s subjects alternate between realistic waterscapes and tightly cropped backlit deconstructed trees. The common thread in his work is how Jim portrays light that passes through as well as bounces off the surfaces of these subjects. His hope is to let the viewer slow their heartbeat to the pace of their natural surroundings. Jim's paintings create a lively world of sparkling light with dappled brushwork.

Jim’s waterscapes capture the ever-changing qualities of water from quiet woodland streams to dramatic ocean waves. His painting surfaces vary from thin transparent glazes to thickly applied impasto layers of paint and gesso mixed with marble dust. He talks of capturing the transparency q as well as the reflections of what is behind and beyond the viewer in these paintings.

Jim’s Komorebi paintings are inspired by the single Japanese word which describes sunlight passing through the leaves of trees. These paintings show gesturally painted branches and glints of skylight revealed between diamond shaped brushstroke representing leaves. His unique approach to pointillism results in a flickering energized vision of local foliage.